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The interest and acclimation from all areas of the horse world, especially the reining industry and working cow horse industry, is a sign that it is truly what is needed and is bringing the rest of the horse world up to speed...

This is THE RENAISSANCE SADDLE... shall I make one for you today?


The Philosophy of Wendy Allen.....

"It takes a bit of basic courage to ride beyond the status quo, but with each stride, the view along that road becomes more exquisite."

Tag Rice on Chiquita Pistol,
Triple Crown Winner

Wendy Allen - The First Lady of Saddle Making

I Would Be Honored To Make One For You!

Wendy Allen, saddle maker, is known for her hand made western saddles. Her clients span a broad range of horsemen from ranchers to cutting horse competitors to reining horse enthusiasts, roping and working cow horse and every kind of performance and working horse rider and horse lover. She might be called the Annie Oakley of western craft and has tooled and carved her way into Equine history. Wendy's love for leather crafting came as a by-product of her passion for horses. At age 7, her father gave her a leather kit to repair her tack, and this began a career that would bring her international acclaim. While repairing old saddles Wendy discovered the genius of old saddle makers. The most enduring saddles were those created with meticulous attention to detail. After 25 years of saddle making she has earned herself the reputation of her one of a kind saddles, known for her comfortable seat on her saddles and the good feel they have, custom made hardware and conchos and one of a kind hand tooling, saddles made with quality leather that lasts over a lifetime.

Wendy has notched herself a place in western history with her talent and love for saddle making. Her knowledge of a horse and human's anatomy gives her ability to shape a saddle to fit horse and rider to make them one in the show ring, ranch or the trails. Some have called her a true Buffalo Gal and other say she is an artist of her trade but one thing stands out when talking to her clients: her saddles are a gift to those who ride.


I have done in the past, many, many of the top riders; enhancement, reconstructive management, making the saddle extra strong where the most damage is done and also making the saddle fit  the rider in a way that gives them more reach, doubles their chances at the pay window and a whole new outlook on the sport. Now I will be implementing this idea and giving the elitist saddle bronc rider a chance to have this opportunity with a "Beau Galyean Saddle."

I have made a huge impact in their field, badly needed and will continue my support and talents in this area of rodeo.

 So "for those who take winning seriously".......take a look at what is out there and then call Wendy Allen Saddlery, Inc. for the big step, the big payout, the big chance to let your skills soar...

Beau Galyean Saddle

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Beau Gaylean on the Renaissance Saddle